On September 15th an open beta test server developed by the MUDREAM team will be launched. The main goal of the beta test is to find and fix all critical bugs in the game client. In this regard, MUDREAM invites active and sociable players to take part in the beta test and help us find all the imperfections of the new build. We promise you a lot of exciting challenges 💪, non-obvious bugs 🤯 and cool rewards 🤑. By helping us find bugs, you can try yourself as a Game-Tester, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and receive valuable rewards, because for each bug you find you will receive valuable rewards on the current Dream x100 server.  The most active users will receive the status of   BUG HUNTER. We will tell you more about the rewards and  BUG HUNTER status in our BOUNTY program, which will be published in the first week of the start of the beta test.



What do you need to participate?

To participate you will need to register and create a game account on the beta test server. The beta test start date is September 15th.



What to do if you find a bug?

After the start of the beta test, we will provide access to the bug tracking service. Before publishing a bug, you need to make sure that a similar bug has not been published by other participants (you can use the search). The bug must be filed in accordance with the following requirements:


1. Title - The bug title should answer 3 questions: What is happening? Where is it happening? Under what conditions is it happening?


The drop (what?) does not fall at the location {location name} (where?), when killing the monster {monster name} (when?).

An error is displayed (what?) in the registration form (where?), after clicking on the "Register" button (when?).


2. Steps to reproduce the bug - Order of actions to do to make a bug appear.


a) Open registration form

b) Fill in all fields of the form

c) Click on the "Register" button


3. Expected result - The action you expected to see from the game / site client

Example: Created an account on the site


4. Actual result - Actual action that happened

Example: An error is displayed {error text}


5. Note - in this paragraph you can specify additional information, a pattern that you have identified, a screenshot, video, any information that will help determine the essence and what causes of the bug.


The award will only be given for:

- unique bugs (if someone has already published a bug and you report it again, in this case you will not receive a reward).

- bugs that are designed according to the specified requirements.


After the admin of the MUDREAM team accepts the bug (the bug goes into the PLANNED status), you will receive a reward on the Dream x100.




In order for the beta test participants to have a comprehensive understanding of how the game client and website will be improved, we publish our ROADMAP












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