If you find a bug or vulnerability, you may be eligible for a reward. MuDream Bounty Program is designed to improve the project and protect the security of our users.

How it works?

After we check your request, we will assign it a severity level, depending on how much the bug affects the project. After the bug is confirmed, you will receive a reward. Public disclosure of a bug/vulnerability deprives it of the right to a reward.

Bounty Program
Cheats Rewards


You can also get rewards for providing cheats that work on our server. To do this, you need to send the cheat and describe the principle of its use. After we analyze the cheat's performance, we will be able to determine the amount of the reward.

Out of scope

Bounty program does not apply to: 1. Spam and social engineering techniques. 2. Denial of service attacks (DoS). 3. Errors not related to the program code.