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Gameplay update 1.0




Preparation for introducing Master Skill Tree: all characters have had their Master Level reset to 0. It is not possible to obtain Master experience until the release of Master Level.

The maximum number of alliances has been reduced from 2 to 1.

Alliance members no longer deal damage to each other (except for locations related to Castle Siege: Crywolf, Barracks, Valley of Loren, etc.).

When character logs out in the Dungeon location, they appear in Lorencia.

The Window Mode now displays information about the character: name, level, whether Auto HP is ON/OFF.

After a character dies in the PVP zone, the Mu Helper is turned off.

Off-Level has been fixed so that the character is not kicked out of the game after dying in some locations.


   Rage Fighter

Chain Drive damage reduced by 15%.

Magic Gladiator damage reduced by 5%.

Dark Lord damage reduced by 7%.

Summoner damage reduced by 3%.


   Dark Wizard

Increased damage to all classes by 6%

Changed Soul Barrier description from Damage Decrease to Absorb Damage

Max % Soul Barrier for other characters is 5%

Max % Soul Barrier on Self is 15%


   Magic Gladiator

Increased damage to all classes by 8%.

Changed formula:

was Physical: Min.DMG - (STR/6) + (ENE/12) , Max.DMG - (STR/4) + (ENE/8)

now Physical: Min.DMG - (STR/6) + (ENE/8) , Max.DMG - (STR/4) + (ENE/6)

The attack distance of Twisting Slash has been increased from 2 to 3 cells.


  Dark Knight

The work of the Swell Life skill has been fixed so that it works even when not the party leader.

The attack distance of Twisting Slash has been increased from 2 to 3 cells.



Heal and Recovery no longer cast on all characters in the Party.

Greater Defense and Greater Attack has been fixed, so they can now be applied to any character when you are in a Party.



Damage Reflect now works correctly for Summoner, regardless of whether you are in a Party or not.

Fixed Sleep, Weakness , Innovation now they work correctly


The Absorb option has been fixed for 4 wings.

When refining Cloak of Overrule (Lvl 3), the required level to equip the item is displayed correctly.

Garuda Flame   Garuda Flame no longer drops from monsters in Ferea. It can now be obtained in Kalima 7.

The Zen Drop Rate bonus of  Panda Ring has been reduced from 50% to 25%.

The chances of obtaining Armor of Splinter  Splinter of Armor,  Bless of Guardian  Bless of Guardian, and Claw of Beast Claw of Beast have been increased by one and a half times.


Fenrir Black, Fenrir Blue, and Fenrir Golden models have been updated.

Pet bonuses have been changed:


Fenrir Red

Increase Physical Damage +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +10%
Increase Defense +500
Increase Life +2500




Fenrir Blue

Increase Physical Damage +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +10%
Increase Defense +1500
Increase Life + 5000




Fenrir Black

Increase Physical Damage +20% 
Increase Wizardry Damage +20% 
Increase Defense +1000
Increase Life + 5000




Fenrir Golden

Increase Physical Damage +25% 
Increase Wizardry Damage +25% 
Increase Defense +1500
Increase Life + 7500




Dragon Knight

Increase Physical Damage +30%
Increase Defense +2500
Increase Life + 10000
Enemy’s Ignore Rate +2%



Dark Wizard

Increase Wizardry Damage +30%
Increase Defense +2500
Increase Life + 10000
Enemy’s Ignore Rate +2%



Ghost Horse (updated Dark Horse)

Standart Dark Horse Stats
Increase Damage +30%
Increase Life + 10000
Enemy’s Ignore Rate +2%





Beagle Dog has been reworked: it now increases the chance of Excellent damage instead of Excellent damage value.


Fixed Cyclops, now the Critical Damage option works correctly.


Added the ability to skip the Quest once a day.

Added the ability to move the quest progress window.

Now the indicator of the quest monster is displayed only on the map where it is required to kill it. This will avoid confusion and simplifies the process of completing the task.


Castle Siege

The prize pool for the next Castle Siege will be $200.

Guilds that make it to the final stage of the event but fail to capture the castle will gain access to the location Land of Death Valley, where monsters drop Jewel of Guardian Jewel of Guardian and Ancient items with a chance twice as low as in Land of Trial.


Devil Square

The number of monsters has been increased by 1.5 times on all levels.

A golden boss appears at the end of each level:

Level 1: Golden Goblin at 15 and 17 minutes.

Level 2: Golden Titan at 15 minutes, Golden Lizard King at 17 minutes.

Level 3: Golden Tantalos at 15 minutes, Golden Stone Golem at 17 minutes.

Level 4: Golden Satyros at 15 minutes, Golden Twin Tail at 17 minutes.

Level 5: Golden Iron Knight at 15 minutes.

Level 6: Golden Soldier at 6 minutes, Golden Lizard King at 8 minutes, Golden Stone Golem at 10 minutes, Golden Twin Tail at 12 minutes, Golden Iron Knight at 14 minutes.


Chaos Castle

Fixed a bug, where monsters could remain outside the arena after it was reduced.

Now works on resets:

Chaos Castle 1 = 00-05 resets

Chaos Castle 2 = 06-10 resets

Chaos Castle 3 = 11-15 resets

Chaos Castle 4 = 16-25 resets

Chaos Castle 5 = 26-35 resets

Chaos Castle 6 = 36-50 resets

Chaos Castle 7 has been removed from the game.


Team vs Team

The event takes place 3 times a day: 15:00, 19:00, 23:00 server time.

An additional protection has been added so that each character can only participate in the event from one device.

Rewards for winning have been changed:

First reward: 30 Dream Bonuses - 100%

Second reward determined randomly:

Broken Horn - 1%    Complete Secromicon - 3%    Fragment of Horn - 6%    Box of Kundun +5 - 15%    Box of Luck - 30%

Imperial Guardian

Added the ability to go to the next level without waiting for the timer to expire.

The event limit is once per day. The waiting time starts from the first entry.

You can only enter the event in a party.

Each member of the group must have  Gaion's Order Order of Gaion to enter the event.

The event consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Available from Monday to Saturday in 3 rooms, each with gates that can only be destroyed by killing all mobs.

Part 2: On Sunday, a 4th room with the final boss is added to the location.

Rewards for the event:

In Part 1, killing the boss rewards you with 2 Ancient items.

In Part 2, killing the boss rewards you with a random reward:

Broken Hornx 1  Jewel of Guardianx 30  Jewel of Creationx 30  Jewel of Harmonyx 30  Garuda Featherx 1  Condor Featherx 1

Wings 3 with 0-2 options:

Wing of Storm (Lvl 3)  Wing of Eternal (Lvl 3)  Wing of Illusion (Lvl 3)  Wing of Ruin (Lvl 3)  Cloak of Emperor (Lvl 3)  Wing of Dimension (Lvl 3)  Cloak of Overrule (Lvl 3)


Excellent items:


Titan HelmTitan ArmorTitan PantsTitan GlovesTitan Boots

Brave HelmBrave ArmorBrave PantsBrave GlovesBrave Boots

Phantom ArmorPhantom PantsPhantom (Str) GlovesPhantom (Str) Boots

Destroy ArmorDestroy PantsDestroy (Ene) GlovesDestroy (Ene) Boots

Seraphim HelmSeraphim ArmorSeraphim PantsSeraphim (Agi) GlovesSeraphim (Agi) Boots

Divine HelmDivine ArmorDivine PantsDivine (Ene) GlovesDivine (Ene) Boots

Royal MaskRoyal ArmorRoyal PantsRoyal GlovesRoyal Boots

Hades HelmHades ArmorHades PantsHades GlovesHades Boots

Eternal Wing HelmEternal Wing ArmorEternal Wing PantsEternal Wing GlovesEternal Wing Boots

Flameberge   Sword Breaker   Rune Bastard Sword   Absolute Scepter   Dark Stinger   Deadly Staff   Inberial Staff   Eternal Wing Stick   Crimson Glory   Salamander Shield    Frost Barrier   Guardian Shield





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