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Dear MuDreamers 4.0 🙃 

We would like to invite you to the OBT of our new, more stable, and improved client build - MuDream 4.0 🍾🍾🍾 starting right now. 

Participation is easy - just download the new client from the link and register directly in the game.

Why a new build?

Unfortunately, our current MuDream 3.0 build did not pass the technical fitness test. In this version, we encountered several shortcomings and limitations that turned the development and fixing of critical bugs into an excruciatingly long and painful process.

What did we decide to do? 

Continue fixing everything we can on x50, while simultaneously compiling all our developments from the three versions of MuDream and transferring them to a more tested and stable engine.

And so we did: version 4.0 is meant to be the most refined, meticulous, and stable of all our versions!

MuDream 4.0 offers a range of improvements and new features:

Account Level System:

  • The ability to upgrade your main account with bonuses such as discounts and improved conditions in the game market.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new server and maintain your loyalty, we are introducing a new account level program on our website. 

Now all your activity on the servers will be rewarded with account-level bonuses, including discounts on the main market. As your account level rises, you will discover more privileges and opportunities.

Gear Score:

  • A rating of equipment considering improvements, options, and rarity of items. High Gear Score bonuses include increased damage, defense, critical damage, and maximum health.

Enhanced Gaming Interface:

  • Redesign of screen elements, including the bottom menu with buffs and notifications.

  • New HP bar design for significant monsters and in PvP.


  • Double Goer: A defensive event where players protect a base from monster waves moving through a canyon.

  • Illusion Temple: A team event with two teams aiming to transport a ball to their base.

  • Imperial Guardian: Fixed errors in event operations.

Item Enhancement System:

  • A unique system of item drop and enhancement, including option preservation during upgrades.

Changes to Bosses and Monsters:

  • A new system for boss appearances with notifications and teleportation to a special location for battle.

  • Monsters now have a limited movement radius.

New Locations:

  • Tormenta Island, Swamp of Darkness.


  • Completely reworked resistance system for pendants and rings.

  • Fully revamped pet system, now divided into defensive and offensive types.

  • Optimized gameplay process.

You may have the following questions: 

  • A new server?

  • When is the opening?! 

  • What about x50? Wipe?

  • How to join OBT?

New server? When?

The fact that new servers are coming is no secret. Our new server will be launched after the OBT and after fixing the critical bugs we can find and if we can 😊. We encourage you to actively participate in the OBT; you can also help speed up the launch of the new server :)

What about x50? Wipe?

Regarding the x50 server, there will be no wipe. We value your commitment and time spent on the x50 server. Your achievements there will be recognized and rewarded with points that enhance the overall level of your account. Additionally, we will continue to support the x50 server in its current form, ensuring uninterrupted and enjoyable gameplay for all players.

How to Register for OBT?

To participate in the OBT, download the client. If you already have an account, simply log in. If you do not have an account, it will be automatically created when you first log in through the client.

We eagerly await meeting you in the new world of MuDream.

Best regards, The MuDream Team


01 dic. 2023 15:25
Dear MuDreamers 4.0 🙃 
We would like to invite you to the OBT of our new, more stable, and improved client build - MuDream 4.0 🍾🍾🍾 starting right now. 
10 agosto 2023 20:01
Achievement system - how it works
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04 agosto 2023 15:23
🎁 Boost to all beginners! Pet Panda +10% EXP & Tornado Sale: Vips, Startpacks and Buffs!
🎁 Boost to all beginners! Pet Panda +10% EXP & Tornado Sale: Vips, Startpacks and Buffs!
28 jun. 2023 12:57
🎉 Mudream 3.0 - New Server x50 Already opened 🎉
🎉 Mudream 3.0 - New Server x50 Already opened 🎉
02 jun. 2023 18:37
First International Castle Siege Tournament
End of June
01 jun. 2023 18:37
Update 1.5
Patch Note by 01.06
27 mayo 2023 18:44
🎉 Mudream 1-Year Anniversary Celebration! 🎉
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08 mayo 2023 18:47
SUPER SALE - up to 40% off all in-game purchases due to the release of the Master Level!
Hurry up to take part in the action and boost your hero on favorable terms.
01 mayo 2023 18:17
Gameplay update 1.4
Patch Note by 01.05
24 abr. 2023 15:59
Gameplay update 1.3
Patch Note by 24.04
03 abr. 2023 20:11
Gameplay update 1.2
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31 marzo 2023 13:44
Gameplay update 1.1
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23 marzo 2023 14:28
Gameplay update 1.0
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17 marzo 2023 14:18
Dive into a World of Endless Possibilities: Quest System with 160 Tasks Now Available
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14 marzo 2023 01:34
Welcome to the Game! Enjoy Our New Player Bonuses 🎁
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27 enero 2023 12:47
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