Changelog v. 1.4







Castle Siege: 

You can no longer push the character while he stunned.                                                    

Reduced crown channeling time to 30 seconds.

Reduced the penalty for canceling a crown channeling  cast to 2 seconds.

Increased players damage by 15%.



Chaos Castle: 

Reduced the drop chance of Gold and Silver boxes to 20% and 30% respectively.


Team DeathMatch: 

After the death, players spawn at a random location in the arena.


Imperial Guardian: 

The time to complete the event has been reduced from 15 to 8 minutes.





Personal store can be opened in all locations, except - Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland. During of events (BC, DV, etc.) in the location where the event is held, it is unable to open a personal store.


Changed Master Skill Tree Armor Set Bonus. It now adds up to 500 Defense.


Dark Lord: Reduced Absorb Damage from 75% to 54% for Cape Dominator tier 4.


Increased the duration of Pet Panda and Ring Panda dropped from Skeleton King / White Wizard from 6 hours to 12.


Fixed a bug with the drop of Ancient items, now the chance of dropping for all items is the same.


Fixed a bug with gaining experience in a party:


Same classes                    Different classes

    2 classes - х100                         2 classes - х100

    3 classes - х102                         3 classes - х103

    4 classes - х104                         4 classes - х106

    5 classes - х106                         5 classes - х110






Now you can be in the Temple of Anril location for 1 hour from the moment you enter. At the end of the time, you will automatically use one  Ticket Temple of Anril, after that the timer will restart. If there is no ticket, you will automatically be teleported to Lorencia at the end of the timer. The timer time can be seen in the lower left corner in the server time block.


Fixed a bug that allowed getting into the Crywolf location at level 50.


Changed the coordinates of some spots in the Nixies Lake location.


Added a new location Scotch Canyon, required level to teleport: 330. There are 18 spots in the location. Recommended char progress to play in Scotch Canyon - 1 grand reset.







Fixed a bug with disappearing PvP Option 380 for some items.


Fixed bug with Jewel of Option. In some cases it was  to +16-20 Additional Option.


Increased Harmony options (both new and existing ones):






Increased the cost of all buffs to 50 Dream Coins per day.


You get an additional 10% discount if buy buffs for 2-9 days


You get an additional 15% discount if buy buffs for 10 days


Increased the buffs values:





Scroll of Defense      Scroll of Wrath      Scroll of Wizardry

+750 Defense     +1000 Attack      +1000 Wizardy




Scroll of Quick        Scroll of Life         Scroll of Mana

+120 Attack Speed        +5000 HP          +10000 Mana










All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

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