Dear friends, we have implemented a promo code system to have a possibility to make gifts and give a good mood. Promo codes can be of 2 types:

1. Promo code with discount: you get a discount on your next purchase via Dream Coins

2. Promo code with bonus: you get a gift (VIP, items, buffs, etc.)


Promo codes will be sent by email time to time, so we recommend you to check your mail.


       Promo code with discount 20%: MUDREAM20        



To use the promo code and get a 20% discount on your next purchase, you need to:

1. Go to MUDREAM shop -  https://mudream.online/shop/vip

2. Select needed product and click "Buy" button.

3. Enter the promo code MUDREAM20 and click "Use" - the purchase amount will be recalculated.


The promo code will expire 11.08






Promo code bonus VIP Gold 3 days: MUDREAMVIP



To use the promo code and get VIP Gold for 3 days, you need:

1. Go to the "Bonuses" section -  https://mudream.online/bonuses

2. Enter the promo code and click "Use". After that your bonus will be available in the table.


The promo code will expire 31.08










All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

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