Start of the new server LEGACY - x30 will be the 19th of January at 20:00 (GMT+2)

The game process is divided into five stages, each with its own priorities. The release date for each stage is announced in advance, so that gives you a time to create a strategy to take the lead at each stage of the game.


The division into stages makes game more balanced and interesting,  also it allows to get more competitive players in top ratings. Top 30 players of each rating will get cool rewards every week and at the finish of each stage .


Every Friday, there will be stop for a maximum server reset. Due to that new players also will have chance to get in top of the rankings. Build your own unique development strategy that will allow you to secure leading positions in the rankings. All server details are announced in advance for you to plan your game.

🌟Main Information

  Server's version: Season 6 Episode 3

  Server's exp rate: x30

  Master Skill Tree rates: x3 

  Classes: DW | DK | ELF | MG | DL | SUM | RF 

  Zen Formula: 100*Monster Level + Item Zen Drop


  Max Excellent Option4

  Max Socket Option5

  Max Reset: 50

  Max GR Reset: 5

  Max stat value: 32767

  Max Master Level: 300

  Max Game Client windows: 3

💣Useful to know for every player!

Server rates are x30, so be ready for some difficulties, because overcoming them, will bring the real pleasure! Go towards your victories on!