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🎉 Mudream 3.0 - New Server x50 Already opened 🎉

Friends! We are thrilled to invite you to the grand opening of the Mudream x50 server today. This server is the first in history to feature a stage system that will help each player develop their own individual character progression strategy.

Cashback💰💰💰 program for current x100 players

All players who have made contributions on the x100 server are eligible to receive a x3 return in the form of Dreambonuses based on their investment in server development. For example, if a player donated $10, they will receive 30 Dreambonuses, and so on. The return will be automatically credited to your current account. There is no need to create a new account to receive the bonus or play on a different server.

P.S some accounts may receive it faster that others. If you didn't receive a bonus for a 1 week, pls contact any of Administrator to get a bonus.


⚡Server Stage System and Immersive Content

  • :vsallboost35: The staged system of the server, allowing you to plan your character's development.
  •  :vsallboost35: The Legend of DreamLand, a new custom location where you can immerse yourself and uncover its origin story.
  •  :vsallboost35: New rankings where you can strive for even higher positions.
  • :vsallboost35: An achievements system that rewards you with pleasant bonuses.
  •  :vsallboost35: Convenient in-game marketplace, allowing you to trade without leaving the game.
  •  :vsallboost35: New bosses, pets, sets, and locations.
  • :vsallboost35:  Master Skill Tree.
  •  :vsallboost35: Item options system.
  •  :vsallboost35: Improved crafting and enchanting system.


Customization and Additional Features

  •  :vsallboost35: Beautiful wings and cool pets for enhanced gameplay experience 
  •  :vsallboost35: Encounter new and challenging monsters during your adventures 
  •  :vsallboost35: Experience a refreshed text and visual interface for improved user experience.
  •  :vsallboost35: Benefit from the stage EXP system and unleash combo skills for each hero.
  • :vsallboost35: Unlock the unique achievements system and access the Jewel Warehouse.
  •  :vsallboost35: Participate in the exciting Battle Royale PUBG edition-event.
  •  :vsallboost35: Enjoy stable online gameplay with a large player base and 24/7 technical support.
  •  :vsallboost35: Regular updates to keep the gaming experience fresh and engaging.
  •  :vsallboost35: Open more than 400 quests to explore.


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01 dec. 2023 15:25
Dear MuDreamers 4.0 🙃 
We would like to invite you to the OBT of our new, more stable, and improved client build - MuDream 4.0 🍾🍾🍾 starting right now. 
10 aug. 2023 20:01
Achievement system - how it works
Complete interesting tasks and get well-deserved rewards
04 aug. 2023 15:23
🎁 Boost to all beginners! Pet Panda +10% EXP & Tornado Sale: Vips, Startpacks and Buffs!
🎁 Boost to all beginners! Pet Panda +10% EXP & Tornado Sale: Vips, Startpacks and Buffs!
28 jun. 2023 12:57
🎉 Mudream 3.0 - New Server x50 Already opened 🎉
🎉 Mudream 3.0 - New Server x50 Already opened 🎉
02 jun. 2023 18:37
First International Castle Siege Tournament
End of June
01 jun. 2023 18:37
Update 1.5
Patch Note by 01.06
27 may. 2023 18:44
🎉 Mudream 1-Year Anniversary Celebration! 🎉
Join the Celebration Today: Exciting Streams, Games, and Bonuses Await!
08 may. 2023 18:47
SUPER SALE - up to 40% off all in-game purchases due to the release of the Master Level!
Hurry up to take part in the action and boost your hero on favorable terms.
01 may. 2023 18:17
Gameplay update 1.4
Patch Note by 01.05
24 apr. 2023 15:59
Gameplay update 1.3
Patch Note by 24.04
03 apr. 2023 20:11
Gameplay update 1.2
Patch Note by 03.04
31 mar. 2023 13:44
Gameplay update 1.1
Patch Note by 31.03
23 mar. 2023 14:28
Gameplay update 1.0
Patch Note by 23.03
17 mar. 2023 14:18
Dive into a World of Endless Possibilities: Quest System with 160 Tasks Now Available
Embark on the Ultimate Gaming Adventure with an Abundance of Quests to Complete
14 mar. 2023 01:34
Welcome to the Game! Enjoy Our New Player Bonuses 🎁
Start Your Gaming Adventure with Extra Rewards
27 jan. 2023 12:47
x100 don't miss it!