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     Hello, new friend of the MUDREAM project! In order to keep up with this exciting race and have time to compete for the $1000 Castle Siege prize pool, we have prepared an excellent offer for you:









Register right now and get an additional bonus from the MUDREAM team






Register and get VIP SILVER






VIP SILVER will give you a great starting  boost and will allow you to smoothly enter the gameplay!  




And here is what it includes:

Experience Rate: x120

Master Experience Rate: x14

Off Atack Experience Rate: x90  

Item Drop Rate: x70

Money Drop Rate: x110

Magic Gladiator Create Level: 0

Dark Lord Create Level: 0

Jewel Increase Success Rate: +4% - +6%

Off Store Time: 18h

Off Attack Time: 16h





     P.S.: We have not forgotten about those players who have been with us since day one or joined recently. Everyone who doesn’t have a VIP package will also be able to receive a VIP silver for 7 days. Thank you for being with us!


     P.P.S.:This is a good reason to invite your friends and get buns on the referral program:


Invite friend and get bonuses





Invite your friends and get Dream Coins from MUDREAM together









   Best wishes ©DreamTeam


Server Maintenance 01 / 06 / 2022

Friends, in order to protect our server from further attacks, we will be holding technical works today.


This means that the access to our game will be closed for a period of 10 to 20 minutes. Technical works will be carried out between 18:00 and 19:00 (GMT+3). We will inform you about the ending of the technical pause in Discord. Follow the news to be aware of our events.


Thank you for choosing us. Regards Mudream team

     Hello dear Mudream players, we appreciate you and that's why we don't get tired of making the gameplay enjoyable and comfortable for you. A filter has been added to the market section, which allows you to find the items you need just in a few clicks.



The filter allows you to find items:

  • by name
  • by category
  • by the selected class
  • by the item level
  • according to specific characteristics

We also placed a filter by the most popular characteristics such as:

  • Lucky
  • Skill
  • Ancient


Now you can easily find items with the right properties, that are just right for your character.


Best Regards

from Mudream


Hi there, dear player and server guests! As soon as the server is stable we can now focus on bonuses and prizes for your precious players!

That’s why today at 22:00 (GTM+3) the first but not the last DROP EVENT will be held. During which you will be able to win one or even a couple of our sweet prizes. In today’s raffle we will giveaway:


  •  5x Box Of Kundun +4.
  •  10x Box of Kundun +3
  •  15x Box of Kundun +2
  •  20x Box of Kundun +1
  •  50x Gold Medal


See you soon at the event!

Subscribe to our Discord and follow the news on our website to make sure you don’t miss any events or giveaways!

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